Tawantin Black - Case of 6
Tawantin Black - Case of 6 Tawantin Black - Case of 6

We thought long and hard about how to make a black tea as unique yet as strong as the Incan Empire and what we came up with was Tawantin Black Tea. 

Finest 3 black tea leaves (2 or which are organic) and purple corn. The Inca referred to their empire as Tawantinsuyu, “four parts together.” In Quechua, the term Tawantin is a group of four things (tawa, meaning “four”, with the suffix -ntin which names a group).

Case orders include six individual boxes.  Price shown reflects a 10% quantity discount compared to purchases made per box.

Each Tea Box Contains:

15 individually wrapped 100% biodegradable sachet / over-wrap bags. Recommend using each tea bag twice!

Loose Leaf Orders Contain:

0.3725 lbs. tin.


This blend is a robust combination of 3 quality black tea leaves and purple corn.