Tawantin Black
Tawantin Black Tawantin Black Tawantin Black

It’s a pretty bold idea to start a whole purple corn tea company just because it made you feel good. But that’s what our founder did. That kind of conviction demands a robust tea to match.

The Inca called the four territories of their empire Tawantinsuyu, or “four parts together.” Using that as our inspiration, we created a blend of three of the world’s finest black tea leaves and purple corn. Four ingredients that come together for a bold, yet smooth, character. Drink one in the morning for the strength to rule your day.

Each Tea Box Contains:

15 individually wrapped bags. Each bag contains twice the amount (4g) of ingredients compared with typical tea bags, so you can use each tea bag twice. 100% biodegradable sachet.

Loose Leaf Orders Contain:

3 .oz tin or 1 lb. bag.

Caffeine level:

Lightly Caffeinated


Organic Assam TGFOP, Bukhail Assam TGFOP, Purple Corn and Kenilworth Tea.

Brewing Instructions:

  • 8-10 .oz
  • 212 degree water
  • Let steep for 2-5 minutes. For stronger flavor, steep for longer.

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