Peruvian Spiced Berry
Peruvian Spiced Berry Peruvian Spiced Berry Peruvian Spiced Berry

Experience the purple corn tea that our founder discovered while hiking the Andes. We can’t say it will change your life the way it did his, but we will guarantee a healthy, full-flavored tea experience that will give you the energy to pursue life’s journey.

This best-selling Inca Tea blend pays homage to the ancient Incan recipe of antioxidant-rich purple corn, berries and spices. The flavors are herbal and fruity. The feeling is like reaching the mountain summit.

Each Tea Box Contains:

15 individually wrapped bags. Each bag contains twice the amount (4g) of ingredients compared with typical tea bags, so you can use each tea bag twice. 100% biodegradable sachet.

Loose Leaf Orders Contain:

3.45 .oz tin or 1 lb. bag.

Caffeine level:

Caffeine Free


Hibiscus Petals, Elderberries, Currants, Purple Corn, Apple Pieces, Pineapple Pieces, Cinnamon, Cloves and Natural Flavors.

Brewing Instructions:

  • 8-10 .oz
  • 212 degree water
  • Let steep for 4-7 minutes. For stronger flavor, steep for longer.

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