Top 5 Reasons to Drink More Tea

  1. Health
    Drinking tea has been linked to amazing health benefits including strengthening the immune system, boosting your metabolism, and aiding sleep. Most teas are also high in antioxidants which help the body’s cells in lowering your risk for certain diseases and supporting digestion. Depending on your specific health concerns there is anecdotal evidence for many more health benefits that tea can provide. I think many can agree that certain types of tea just make you feel good whether there is a specific health benefit or not.  🙂
  2. Relaxation
    Taking the time to brew a pot or a cup of tea is a relaxing process that allows you time to reflect while doing a simple task. Getting into a routine that motivates you to have a built-in, guilt-free minute of your day just for yourself will prove beneficial for keeping things in perspective. Those who start a routine and stick to it are likely to be more organized in other aspects of their life.
  3. Alternative to Coffee
    While drinking coffee may have its own health benefits, there are many reasons to choose tea over coffee. First, tea has less caffeine than coffee, meaning you don’t have to worry about it affecting your sleep schedule or crashing when the caffeine wears off. You also do not need to worry as much about the quantity of tea you drink, while multiple cups of coffee in one day could be detrimental you your health, multiple cups of tea is generally not bad for you. In addition, tea won’t stain your teeth overtime like coffee will. Those who regularly need coffee in the morning will see much greater damage to the color of their teeth than tea drinkers. Lastly, tea just tastes better. How many people really enjoy drinking plain coffee without loading it up on cream and sugar? Not to mention these additions all end up leading to extra calories. Drinking tea by itself tends to have a mild fruity flavor that typically doesn’t need more than maybe a bit of honey.
  4. Hydration
    Since tea is made with water, drinking more tea is an excellent way to get closer to those recommended 8 cups of water per day. For those of us who often forget to drink water or get bored drinking something with no flavor, tea is a great alternative. In many ways tea is even better than drinking water because of the added health benefits paired with keeping you hydrated.
  5. Variety
    There are so many different types of tea out there between black, green, and herbal tea you are bound to find something that tastes good to you. Different types of tea can have different levels of caffeine or none making it great for all ages! Tea also tends to come in a wide variety of different flavors so not even every cup of green tea will taste the same depending on added flavor. Lastly, tea can be brewed hot or cold so you can enjoy all through the summer and winter.

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